“Ice Garden”

Amplified sculpture and soundtrack for Cape Farewell at The Bodliean Library, Oxford, December 2005, The Eden Project December 2007

“The Ship - The Art of Climate Change”

Kinetic sculpture with  dynamic Max/MSP processing and soundtrack at The Natural History Museum June-August 2006,

John Moore University, Liverpool September 2006, Kampnagel Hamburg April-May 2007, then touring until 2010.


Excerpt from “Isfjorden”, “Arctic” CD, Max Eastley, Dave Hunt


Soundscape for “Burning Ice” Exhibition, Folkestone October-November 2007

Soundscape at the Eden Project, November 2007-January 2008

Installation for “Christmas at The South Bank” December 2007

“The Magic Hour” collective performance at Oxford Botanical Gardens, September 2008.

“Gone With the Wind” sonic installation at Raven Row , June 2011.

“Seed” headphone soundtrack production and installation at the Eden Project December 2009

“Leaf” for Nissan. Sonic composition for touring installation, Scandinavia, October 2012


Audiograft. Aeolian  sculpture, March 2013. http://www.audiograft.com

“Audible Forces” Amplified aeolian sculpture, part of  touring project for Oxford Contemporary Music

and Without Walls. Summer 2013. http://www.ocmevents.org/ocm/events/audibleforces

Installations, performances and sound design.

“Interior Landscape”,

Kinetic sculpture with  ambisonic Max/MSP processing, for Reading Arts, at the Hindu Temple. September 2003, Riga October 2005. Video shooting and editing of Reading installation.

Info: http://www.artistsinthecity.org.uk/reading/projects/details.asp?proj_id=9

Video: https://vimeo.com/85720765

“Arctic” CD

for Cape Farewell, production/composition. 2007.


Performances of “Arctic” at John Moore University, Liverpool September 2006, Hamburg Planetarium April 2007, Millenium Park, Chicago November 2007, Madrid November 2011 (including editing of accompanying video).

Seed 01.mp3

“Seed  01”, Max Eastley, Dave Hunt

Seed 02.mp3

“Seed  02”, Max Eastley, Dave Hunt

Seed 03.mp3

“Seed” 03”, Max Eastley, Dave Hunt

Max Eastley

I have known Max for over 30 years. I first met him working on an album with Peter Cusack, finally released as “Day for Night” after a long gestation. Later there were projects and records with with him, Steve Beresford and David Toop. In the last ten years we have collaborated on many projects.

From 2010 to 2013 he was a Research Fellow at Oxford Brooks University under an AHRC award, subject “Aeolian Sound”.

David Toop