Michael Nyman, David Cunningham (The Flying Lizards), Dennis Bovell, Matumbi,

Adrian Sherwood, Prince Fari, The Pop Group, Rip Rig and Panic, Maximum Joy, Landscape,

Pigbag, S.E. Rogie, Steve Beresford, Tony Hymas, Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, Derek Bailey,

Hugh Burns, Tony Hymas,  Tony Coe, Vic Reeves, Frank Chickens, Mike Cooper, Diamanda Galas,

Ivor Cutler, Wayne County and the Electric Chairs, Spizz Oil/Energi/Athletico Spizz 80,

Vic Reeves, Theo  Travis, Gavin Bryars, Andrew Poppy, Glynn Perrin, Kevin Volans,

Kahondo Style, Grand Union Orchestra, Steve Noble et al.

'Buried Dreams' with David Toop & Max Eastley, 1994.

“Tryst”, Ian Smith, 1997,

“Daybreak”,Ian Smith,  2000.

“AbAna”, Bob Cobbing, David Toop, Paul Burwell, 2000.

“Biped”, Gavin Bryars, 2005.

“Arctic”, Max Eastley, 2007.

“Dusted Machinery” with John Butcher and Toshimaru Nakamura, March 2009.

“Buoy”, Phil Durrant, Lee Patterson, Paul Vogel, 2009.

“Wunderkammem” with David Toop, Rhodri Davies and Lee Patterson, 2010.

Ian Smith, Mark Browne, Sonic Pleasure Trio, summer 2013.

Co-production with Diamanda Galas on "Litanies of Satan" and "The Divine Punishment"

Concerts with Diamanda Galas at Ars Electronica Linz, Bremen, Berlin, Roskilde Festival.

Film music

Steve Beresford and Jeremy Wooding (“Paris, Brixton”, “Sari and Trainers”, “Bollywood Queen”),

Stuart Jones,

“Mer de Chine”, Tony Coe.

“Temenos” Nina Danino 2000

“Schrei 27”, Diamanda Galas, Davide Pepe, 2012

TV music

“Grimms Tales” “Beats of the Heart”, “The Thing is ...”, “Screaming Reels”

“White Girls on Dope”, “Undercurrents”, “Outside In”, “Documenta”

“Last Laugh”, “South”, “Projection Racket”, et al.