Large (24' x 15'), light, air-conditioned control room on first floor, with identical size live recording area on ground floor,

with isolation booth large enough for drum kit.

Music/Speech Recording.

Soundtracks for Video/Multimedia.

Digital Editing, multitrack compilation, CD mastering


Extensive Sound Effects Library.

Digidesign ProTools Mix/Plus System with

 2 DSP Farms and many Plug-ins.

 SMPTE Slave Driver: lock to timecode

Video card for work to picture

 Software: ProTools, Peak, Spark, Cubase, Logic etc. etc.


Mackie Digital 8-Bus. Various analogue outboard.

Analogue Synths

Yamaha DX7, TX816, EMT10, Roland R8m, MKS50, MKS20, D110, M-OC1, M-SE1, Midi to CV/Gate.

EMS VCS3, Alesis NanoBass and NanoSynth.

Akai S3000XL and S1000 samplers


AKG, Beyer, Shure, Sony, Sennheiser. Audio-Technica, Rode etc.

Monitors: JBL 4412, Dynaudio BM6A surround sound monitoring with Genelec sub-woofer.

RATES: by negotiation