Recording, sound design and installations with David Toop

Soundtrack recording and consultancy for “AcquaMatrix”, a large multi-media event at the Lisbon Expo, 1998


Sound Designer for “Sonic Boom” exhibition at The Hayward Gallery. April 2000

 “Echo” installation (David Toop, and Tony Heywood), Kinsale June 2005, Belfast Botanical Gardens, October 2005.

Technical Designer for “Playing John Cage” Exhibition, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. November 2005.

Consultancy and audio production for soundscape installation in Capital Museum, Beijing for British Council. January 2006

“Beauty and the Beast”. Installation, Stourhead, September 2006

David Toop

I first met David Toop  and Steve Beresford in the early 1980’s through working with David Cunningham  (aka “The Flying Lizards”) at Berry St Studios. We worked together on many projects over subsequent years, and since I have worked with  each of them separately on many more. David is well known as writer, journalist, composer and performer.

“Star-shaped Biscuit” opera recording, Snape Maltings, December 2009.

“Sounds of the Gallery”. The National Gallery. Response to Hoogstraten’s “Peep Show”.*/viewPage/4

John Latham installations at Flat Time House September 2009, June 2010.

Recording “Wunderkammem” with David Toop, Rhodri Davies and Lee Patterson. 2010

Star-shaped 02 edit.mp3

“Excerpt one from “Star-shaped Biscuit”

Star-shaped 03 edit.mp3

“Excerpt two from “Star-shaped Biscuit”