For Helen Petts

Recording, surround mixing, and installation  for

“Throw Them Up and Let Them Sing”” Hatton Gallery, June 2012.

Audio post-production and surround mixing for

 “Solo Soprano” (a tribute to Lol Coxhill), July 2013.

“Into the Frame”

An interactive art installation with Nick Phillips, Florian Dussopt and Middlesex University.

Max/MSP programming and sound design. Summer 2013.

Exhibition at The Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington St, 29/01 to 05/02/2014

Into the Frame

‘Cave’ virtual reality system for UCL Computing Department.

An interactive 3D virtual reality laboratory.

Refurbishment of audio system, consultancy and provision of spatial audio software system.


Sound design and mix of “Schrei 27”, a film by Diamanda Galas and Davide Pepe, 2012.

Remix/remake of “Litanies of Satan” and “Wild Women with Steak Knives” for Diamanda Galas

Spring/Summer 2013.

Recording and technical assistance for the Langham Research Centre.


Post 2000