MA in Nuclear and Atomic Physics, St Peter's College, Oxford, BA 1970, MA October 2002.

MA in Electronic Arts at Middlesex University, June 2007


Three years working in regional repetory  theatre on stage-management and sound.

Four years at Theatre Projects ( a supplier of sound and lighting to West End and other theatres) doing sound-effects work, speech and music recording, AV soundtracks, radio adverts & theatre.

General Public Address installation and operation work for cabarets, concerts and West End shows, including

'The Rocky Horror Show', 'Grease', 'Jesus Christ Superstar', 'Hair' and Paul Raymond's 'Royalty Follies'. Revox tape recorder maintenance for “Sunset Strip” club.


Multi-track music recording at Gooseberry and Berry Street Studios.

Reggae, Punk, Rock, Orchestral, Speech and Audio Visual recording.

Records in own studio with Steve Beresford, David Toop, Frank Chickens etc.

Several records for Nato records, a French label featuring  British and French  jazz musicians.

Concert and corporate public address, sound design, production.

Diamanda Galas, IBM, Renault, Volvo et al (too numerous to list).

Ford: Sierra Launch, Paris 1982

DAF Trucks: Eindhoven 1987


Dinosaur Animatronic display at The Natural History Museum 1993

Opel: Geneva & Paris Motor shows 1994

Krupp: Exhibition stand, Geneva 1995

Opel Astra car launch. Mutilingual, multi-media, surround sound car launch.  Marrakech Jan/Feb 1998

Aqua Matrix with David Toop for Lisbon  Expo 1998. Recording and consultancy.

Soundtrack production and playback for the unveiling of  refurbishment of The Albert Memorial. 1998

Soundtrack production and playback for Centenary of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh in January 1999. This was an event with a cast of hundreds including 12 camels, 20 horses and a herd of sheep. It was in surround sound for the VIPs and Saudi Royal Family, and in stereo for the public and downmixed to mono for television transmission.

Surround sound production for large scale car launch for Toyota, Barcelona. February 1999

Sound Designer for “Faith”, “Mind” and “Living Island” zones at the Millenium Dome.

Design and specification of sound and voice-alarm systems. Installation commissioning and balancing.

March-December 1999

Sound Designer for “Sonic Boom” exhibition at The Hayward Gallery. April 2000


Post 2000